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Sehkari Bank Bima Yozna ( Group Personal Accidental Insurance Policy for the year 2013-14 )
Policy Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy.  
Period covered 01-02-2014 to 31-05-2014
Risk Coverage   Rs.3.00 Lacs &       Rs. 5.00 Lacs Death Risk 100% of sum insured
Loss of two limbs & two eyes 100% of sum insured
Loss of one limb & one eye 100% of sum insured
Permant total disability other than above 100% of sum insured
Loss of one limb or one eye 50% of sum insured
Death due to Electric shock, Snake bite & spray 100% of sum insured

For any claim of amount in this respect, you should intimate/ send the claim case to the abovesaid Insurance Company directly under intimation to Head Office, within the stipulated period (15 days). You will be held personally responsible for any lapse in this respect