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Financial Inclusion Achievements till date:
  • 5 Financial Literacy Centres have been opened recently to create awareness  among people for Banking and financial services.
  • 20 Financial Literacy Work Shops were conducted in Hoshiarpur District where  2135 BSBDA accounts were opened
  • Opened 11535 accounts under BSBDA
  • Formed 75 Kisan Clubs in Hoshiarpur District
  • Launched 40 Kisan Clubs in Hoshiarpur District
  • Advanced loan to 25 JLGs
  • Loan Extended to 362 SHGs in the Hoshiarpur District
  • Adopted 30 vilages in the Hoshiarpur District for clearance from Private Money Lenders.
  • Launched Mobile Van for Financial Literacy Derive in Hoshiarpur District.